When Russians don't attack our land, we make fashion. Now, we make uniforms for Ukrainian troops. You can help us - buy a uniform for a Ukrainian soldier and we will deliver it directly to them, in the right size.
Why uniforms?

Right uniforms are essential for Ukrainian troops. This is how civilians and fellow defenders identify them. Most Ukrainian soldiers have a single set of the uniform. Many of these garments are already worn down after 50+ days of the war. There is also a shortage of uniforms for the new defenders. The Ukrainian government at the moment is not able to provide all the defenders with the uniforms they need.

About us

We are a team of about 20 experienced fashion & clothing industry professionals from Ukraine. In peaceful times, most of us work for Ukrainian fashion companies MAXA and PANNA . We produce only high-quality garments accepted by the Ukrainian military.

Please reach out to us with any questions: buy4aukrainian@gmail.com


We have produced 300 full military suites since that start of the project in late April. 278 uniform sets have been already delivered to the defenders. Now we are collecting funds for the next batch of the fabric (the fabric order for 300 further uniforms placed and should be delivered within the next days). If you'd like to see more detailed reporting, please don't hesitate to request it by droping an email to buy4aukrainian@gmail.com.

The uniform is great. Tactical super. Form is made on 5+. Elastics on the sleeves. EBA protective material can be inserted on the knees. Thanks for the help!!!
Форма супер. Тактична супер. Форма пошита на 5+. Резинки на рукавах. На колінах можна вставляти EBA матеріал. Дякую за допомогу!!!
The uniform's quality is very good. I has passed the fire test (burns like normal cotton, if kept over the fire for a long time, but quickly goes out and most importantly - does not stick to the body !!! Unlike the form of some manufacturers).
Форма дуже гарної якості, перевірку на вогонь пройшла, (горить, як звичайна бавовна, якщо довго над вогнем тримати, але швидко гасне і що саме головне - зовсім не прилипає до тіла!!! На відміну від форми деяких виробників).
"Hi! Did everything fit the commander well?" - "Yes, he says that no other uniform fit more perfectly" - "Do you need anything else?" - "He [the commander] says that the people who produced the uniform are gods"
Thank you for your help! We received uniforms of good quality. We really like the trousers. They have an elastic band at the bottom, so you don't need to alter the length. Everything is thought through. The jacket is very comfortable. Everything is done well, all fits together, a very convenient closure. Thank you!
Дякую за надану допомогу! Нам було надано військову форму дуже гарної якості. Дуже сподобалися брюки. Внизу резинка, що дозволяє не звертатися в ательє, щоб підшивати. Все продумано, дуже зручно. Дуже зручний кітель. Також все зроблено до пуття. Все сходиться, зручна застібка. Дякую!

Product details

The summer military field suit (jacket and trousers) is one of the main elements of the first generation of the single combat complex for servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations and law enforcement agencies. The costume is based on optimal ergonomics, quality materials and sewing accessories. The summer field suit is intended for operation as the main field uniform for servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The model is based on field (combat) costumes of servicemen of NATO armies (US Army (USA), Bundeswehr (Germany), Sausumos pajėgos (Lithuania)) and popular among servicemen of various law enforcement agencies and departments of Ukraine domestic uniforms (combat) uniforms.

Suits are made of cotton or mixed fabric, plain dyed or printed. 1.3.2 Suit jacket with a central inner clasp - "zipper" with two runners and a textile clasp. A strip with a closed loop made of ribbon is inserted into the holes of the zippers. On the middle part of the left file, a textile "loop" fastener is sewn on top to fasten the shoulder strap. The location of the shoulder strap is covered by a decorative detail with a textile clasp "hooks". Files with a detachable yoke and a horizontal cut-off at the waist line at the bottom. The middle part of the file forms a pocket with two entrances: in front and on the side, which is fastened with a zipper. On the lining of the pocket of the left file on the inside there is a patch pocket. Strips of textile fastener "loop" for fastening of identifiers are sewn on coquettes of files over pockets - one on each coquette

Back with a detachable yoke and a horizontal detachable part at the waist. The middle part with two side folds directed from the middle.

The width of the sleeves at the bottom is regulated by fastening the pat on the textile clasp

Pants from a suit with a one-piece belt that fastens on one loop and a button and a zipper in the middle seam of the front halves, with detachable barrels. The button has a diameter of 28 mm, reinforced type with two vertical longitudinal holes into which the tape extends. The sides of the tape are melted to prevent loosening and sewn seams undercut with open cuts

Front halves with soft folds. On the area of ​​the knees of the front halves there are special reinforcing pads in the form of pockets for the location of damping inserts, which are fastened at the lower edge to the textile clasp. On reinforcing overlays finishing lines at an angle to each other are laid, forming a location of damping inserts. On the side seams under the entrance to the side pockets are the upper patch pockets with shaped flaps, fastened with a textile clasp from the back half. Pocket valves have shear corners that form capes to open the valve clasp

On the right rear half is the rear inner pocket with a figured flap sewn into the seam with the yoke. The pocket flap fastens with a textile clasp and has shear corners that form a cape to open the valve clasp for easy use of the glove pocket. The left edge of the valve is sewn into the seam of the connection with the reinforcing lining of the back half of the pants.

The suit is not equipped with damper inserts.